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Springtrap is a weird character. He used to be known as William (Or Michael) Afton. He made his own robotics company called Afton Robotics and had a couple of kids, but one day his daughter, disobeying his orders, walks up to Circus Baby, who kills her. His father sent him to Circus Baby's Pizza World which was closed due to "gas leaks" that happened in the building. He is eventually scooped and used as a flesh suit, for about a week or so, but despite being dead Circus Baby tells him to "not die", and suprisingly it works. William comes back but with Baby still in his mind. He did many bad things until he is brought into the safe room by 5 dead kids and is stuffed into a spare Spring Bonnie suit, thus becoming Springtrap. He seems to want to be a human again, while getting revenge on the animatronics for trapping him in the process. He also apparently likes cupcakes, but this is most likely very evil sarcasam. He wanted to quit his ways until playing The Littlest Penguin, which sparked is interest in killing again. He later escaped the safe room and went outside, jumpscaring the viewers. Afterwards, he meets Plushtrap, who argues before trying to negotiate with him, Sprintrap laughs at him and Plushtrap swears his revenge. Springtrap kills Freddy, Chica, Foxy, BB, Mangle and The Puppet. He is about to kill the others until Golden Freddy shows up and defends the others. The survivors go to the old 1987 establishment and dub the event The Fazbear Massacre. 30 years pass and now Springtrap resides in Fazbear's Fright. Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie work their magic on the game Five Nights At Freddy's 3. Bonnie, Toy Freddy, JJ, and Plushtrap complete the 1st 5 nights but realize they have the bad ending, because they have not completed night 6. Golden Freddy goes to Fazbear's Fright himself and saves everyone supposedly except himself. However, as Springtrap burns down the building, Freddy, Chica, Foxy, BB, Mangle and The Puppet barely make it out alive. It is thought that Golden Freddy is dead until a hero (who is supposedly Golden Freddy) appears. They then go to the 1987 establishment, went back in time to 2016 (AKA Present Day) Capturing Springtrap, putting him in the safe room and throwing away the key. Later, Christmas comes and Springtrap is sad and depressed. JJ hears crying, so she goes to find Springtrap, the two begin to talk and JJ begins to think that trapping Springtrap in the safe room was a small bit mean of them, and invites him to celebrate Christmas. Springtrap is accepted by the animatronics and starts to help decorating the place meeting many old faces along the way, including Candy The Cat.