ruby: freddy is scarey.
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ruby: freddy fazbear is scary match: it's okay ruby. match: freddy fazbear is like the main protagonist of the EthGoesBOOM Youtube channel. He is an animatronic bear who is the leader of his own band as well as the owner of a pizzeria named, "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". Freddy is a very kind animatronic but he is still a killer, as he kills the Phone Guy while he is talking to Foxy. However, as that happened in the earliest days of the channel, he may have changed his ways. Freddy first appeared on the channel as an evil animatronic who was locked in a safe room by EthGoesBOOM himself. Freddy described EthGoesboom as a hooman, Australian guy,purple guy. Over time Freddy and Ethgoesboom became friends, and soon the other animatronics began to like him. Freddy's personality began to change and he became a likable animatronic. Soon all of the animatronics were let out of the safe room, pencil: except Springtrap who couldn't like be trusted from nice and be a killer. Freddy's laugh has also changed as his personality did. It used to be deep and sinister but then became higher pitched and goofy, though not too high-pitched. Freddy has a Toy counterpart known as Toy Freddy. (Brothers: Golden Freddy and Toy Freddy)

Death Edit

nickel: Freddy, along with Foxy, was hacked while playing POPGOES. It kicked in when Bonnie was playing Night 3, and he and Foxy chased the other animatronics into hiding at Candy's Burgers and Fries. There, they found Candy, and proceeded to attack him. On Candy's orders, Penguin used a bucket of water to kill Freddy, Foxy, and Candy. However, it is soon revealed at the end of Puppet's POPGOES episode that this is just a theory and that none of it truly happened. But later, about halfway through his episode on Chipper & Son's Lumber Company, there is a loud sound and Freddy goes to check it out only to get hit, scream Springtrap's name then get hit a few more times. He then returns to the video with a slightly distorted voice. We and The Bfdi(a) Idfb and Bfb characters and me later find out that Springtrap killed Freddy and some of the other animatronics. All of the animatronics who were killed were eventually resurrected at the end of Golden Freddy/every animatronic else video of Fazbear plays, ethgoesboom,and everything else. with ethgoesboom

and friends.