Five Nights at Eth's is a fan game based on the channel EthGoesBOOM by Indigogamer000. It follows the same formula during the night as other F N A F fan games: Survive to 6AM by watching cameras with a defense mechanism to fend off the animatronics. However, after each night a mini game plays where you must use key cards and find cupcakes.
Five Nights at Eth's Coming 2017

Five Nights at Eth's Coming 2017

OMG fowa eatIng wiTh rage of tea fwah partying for _______ and giving life for my little buddy hiding in the Shadows of dying and howdy cheating is the greatest enemy of the paperpals nightmare of claws and souls that are gonna kill you for a bite so you can play with ME and help us

It's possible that this game is noncanon to the main EthgoesBOOM channel story, as this game is almost never mentioned and when it is, the animatronics are oddly nonchalant about it.
Five Nights at Eth's - Trailer 2 Time Can't Save You

Five Nights at Eth's - Trailer 2 Time Can't Save You



(Oh yeah uh skip this bit if you haven't either played the game or haven't seen EthGoesBoom's lets play)

Worst Ending- Achieved through getting no cupcakes and gathering neither Golden Freddy's box nor the hammer OR not completing the Night 5 mini game. Dialogue: "They died... You failed... The evil ones escaped... All... Is lost..."

Bad Ending- Achieved through getting all keycards, some of the cupcakes (but not all) and the box, but not the hammer. Dialogue: "Well... You escaped. The evil ones have been defeated but your friends died. Why didn't you save them?"

Neutral Ending- Achieved through getting all the key cards, the hammer and the box, but not getting all the cupcakes. Dialogue: "You and your friends escaped. The evil ones have been defeated but your friends are still powered down. You can still do better."

Good Ending- Achieved through getting all cupcakes, all keycards, the box and the hammer. Dialogue: "You did it! You saved all of your friends! You have survived! Your enemies have been defeated! Great job! :)"

Incomplete (or Failure) Ending- It's exactly as it says in the title. Achieved through not completing Night 5 or getting a Game Over. (Kinda self-explanatory...) Dialogue: "Whoops! It looks like you died. Let's go back in time and try that again..."


Your friends have been cursed by a strange force. Only you can save them. If you don't, they'll be scrapped. This would normally be very simple. But they've been cursed to see you as a threat. So you'll need to survive the week you'll be working there. Good luck~.


EthGoesBoom's playthrough of his own fangame! -)

EthGoesBoom's playthrough of his own fangame! -)

It's simple.

The animatronics won't see you if you won't see them. Therefore, you must turn off the light on your desk to conceal yourself from them (well, most of them...).

The files contain key cards and some context for the pre game. The files cannot be accessed when the light is off.

Z is for on.

X is for off.

While the lamp is off, the files and cameras will be inaccessible. Click things to make them do things, such as the tv, the yellow cupcake and the paperpals.

If JJ gets into your room, you cannot access either the files or cameras for an in-game hour.

After the main nights, you will have a mini game where you have to gather cupcakes. Different amounts of cupcakes results in different endingS


nightmare freddy

nightmare bonnie

Nightmare Chica

nightmare foxy

nightmare Fredbear



Halloween Edition Edit

Just after Halloween, Indiegogamer000 released a DLC for FNAE. It was basically Night One with the time mechanic of Night 5. You also have a SAMMY, who tells you when Springtrap is getting closer. Next Level: Halloween is also rather similar to the regular Next Level. The only real difference is that the Still minigame is much shorter and the enemies are different people.



Jack o Bonnie

Jack o chica

Nightmare Mangle


Nightmare BB

Nightmare puppet

Next Level Edit

Next Level is a series of minigames that involve the Nightmares (or "Next Level"s) . Eth is dragged into Golden Freddy's box into the nightmare realm and must escape unscathed. Do it all in a row, or ya gotta start over.


  • Challenge 1: HIDE: Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica are coming for you. Hide in the right spot so you don't get killed. Dialogue: "Use the knowledge you know to hide from the trio of nightmares. Pick the wrong spot, and you're dead."
  • Challenge 2: RUN: Hold the space bar to run away from Nightmare Foxy. You also have stamina. As you lose stamina, you slow Down. If you slow down, he will catch you. Dialogue: "You can't hide from a Pirate Captain. Quickly! Run away! Just don't slow down, or you may be swimmin' with the fishes."
  • Challenge 3: STILL: It's simple really. Just don't move at all. Don't touch the arrow keys. Wait for the time to run out. Don't succumb to the temptations of the possible escape opportunities. If you make even the slightest of movements, Nightmare Fredbear will get you. (You can move the mouse as much as you want though.) Dialogue: "You ran into a trap. Play dead. Whatever you do... DON'T MOVE."
  • Challenge 4: WATCH: It's Fun with Plushtrap, but with guns and you have to shoot him 100 times while keeping him away from you. Don't miss or he'll come closer. Have fun feeling catharsis. Dialogue: "Watch closely, don't lose sight. Keep the little one from getting close to you. You've been warned."
  • Challenge 5: ESCAPE: You'd expect the leader of the Nightmares to have a more epic Minigame than a simple trivia game. And he does! Nightmare has 2 options represented by 2 doors. Click the right answer and you get to move on. If you run out of time, your soul will be drained and you'll stop existing. If you get too many questions wrong, you get a jumpscare. Dialogue: "Escape the Nightmare Dimension through this last labyrinth. Answer the questions correctly to get out. But time is ticking..."

The Halloween edition of this is basically identical. The questions are different, the characters are different, and the STILL minigame is much shorter and you cannot lose it.


Taunts/Threats Edit

These videos are all of the taunts and threats made by the Demon Cursed animatronics and Halloween animatronics.